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  • Managing IT Portfolios with Numbers

    All right let’s talk about numbers, several years ago I learned one key management concept “If you can’t count it, you can’t manage it”, indeed is true, since then I try to count everything, even in my personal life. The numbers will help you to effectively manage any IT portfolio. The books will help you […]

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  • How could executives perform to their full potential?

    Since several years ago I’ve had this thought: High performance for IT executives is not only brain power or cognitive capacity, is more than that. Is the ability to develop a set competences like endurance, strength, flexibility, self-control, and focus, which will allow them to develop capacities that will let them perform at their best. […]

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  • Executive Presence in IT Portfolio Management

    I recognize this item is very subjective, especially because it is directly related to Trust and Carrying Authority, which is something that can be worked but it takes time and effort, some executives might be more natural than others, but even those that are naturals require practice. In my vision is something that can be […]

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  • Ergonomics are key for your productivity

    A few years ago, I started feeling some pains in the back, hands, shoulders and neck, to be honest I was not aware that my ergonomics were not set up properly. So as any normal guy, I started asking, reading health care blogs, and digesting a lot information that was not helping me at all. […]

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  • 3 Phrases to motivate yourself!

    Mental skills are the grounding base and key elements to move forward. Every time I feel disappointed, sad, or if I’m dealing with a though situation, I always do my best to go back to my mental skill set. There are 3 phrases that have motivated me to continue combining the exciting world of working […]

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