3 Phrases to motivate yourself!

Mental skills are the grounding base and key elements to move forward. Every time I feel disappointed, sad, or if I’m dealing with a though situation, I always do my best to go back to my mental skill set. There are 3 phrases that have motivated me to continue combining the exciting world of working out and growing up in the career ladder. Check them out!

How dare you?
If you are complaining and feeling sorry about yourself, remember there is someone that passed away already and he/she would give everything to live at least one second as you are living.

The lion never eats grass!
No matter how hungry is the lion, he will never eat grass. The lion keeps hungry no matter what, no matter when. When I see a man failing, the first question I ask is: Are you still hungry?

Fall down 7 times, get up 8 times!
You are not the only one alone, there are millions in the same position as you. Stop blaming that divorce, the re-allocation, the job were you were fired, the opportunity you lost. If you fall down you need to get up and try again, no matter what, you try again.



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