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Hire me as an IT Portfolio and Program consultant
As an experienced IT Executive with more than 20 years of experience in several industries, I feel confident my skills and expertise will help you to solve your business problems while we build the future of your company.

Over the past years, I’ve lead and manage hundreds of IT projects for companies in different industries, ranging from Program Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Software Development Manager. I offer a value depth and breadth of experience to your organization. I offer you my Broad perspective spanning multiple industries and my driving force to success to make your company grow and generate competitive advantage.

Learn how to plan and organize yourself to combine your Executive Career and Athlete Life
In the past 20 years I’ve been combining all my activities around growing my career and workout. It requires planning, organization and definitely a lot of discipline and consistency. I could teach you my tips, show you the tools I use, how they make sense together and most importantly how to use them together. This will help you to balance and organize your career, your workout to succeed.

Let’s get in touch!
You can contact me on my social networks, shoot me an email or call me +502 55288466.