How could executives perform to their full potential?

Since several years ago I’ve had this thought: High performance for IT executives is not only brain power or cognitive capacity, is more than that. Is the ability to develop a set competences like endurance, strength, flexibility, self-control, and focus, which will allow them to develop capacities that will let them perform at their best. I truly believe in the quote “Sooner or later discipline will triumph over intelligence”, in the next lines I will show you the key thoughts I follow to increase performance in my career.

Frequently I compare professional athletes and executives, both will always look to perform to reach their ideal performance state. I understand the comparison might not be totally accurate, because if you compare an average professional athlete career spans up to 10 years, highly exposed to injuries during short times, and average executive career spans from 40 – 50 years, and considering that an executive can perform successfully even if they smoke, drink, weight too much, lack of emotional skills, and knowing these executives cannot perform at their best without a cost over time,  the comparison might sound unfair, but it makes sense, because both will look to perform at their best always. This thought gives me one of the most important questions I’m always working on: How could executives perform to their full potential?

Using workout techniques, and the knowledge acquired through the last years executing them and combining them on my ongoing daily activities, I truly believe the only option for executives to perform successfully with the minimal cost overtime is to concentrate on increasing the following capacities:

  1. Physical Capacity
  2. Emotional Capacity
  3. Mental Capacity
  4. Spiritual Capacity

Physical Capacity

Keep in mind physical capacity is directly related to your body. Your body is the fundamental source of energy. A good way to increase the physical capacity is to practice the supercompensation concept, which is no more than the ability to balance the work-rest ratios. The failure of the work-rest ratios will create your worst enemy, linearity. The work-rest ratios can be increased if your energy expenditure and energy renewal are balanced. The message is work but workout as well, and don’t forget to rest. During resting your body recovers, create a ritual to allow yourself to increase the work-rest ratios.

Emotional Capacity

Just as positive emotions ignite the energy that drives high performance, negative emotions – frustration, impatience, fear, resentment, and sadness will drain your energy. You need to work out, it will help you to burn off the tension. If you need to step out from negative emotions, follow this 5-step ritual: 1) Be aware of the signals of your negative emotions 2) Breath 3) Relax 4) Soften your voice 5) Practice your empathy. However, there are two more critical: Listen to music, the music has physiological and emotional effects, and make sure to fortify your close relationships. Your close relationships are powerful means for positive emotions and effective recovery.

Mental Capacity

Practice the following cognitive capacities: Focus, Improve your time management, positive and critical thinking skills. Don’t forget to visualize yourself achieving what you want.  

Spiritual Capacity

This is a though one, to simplify I will say spiritual capacity is the energy released while we discover our deepest value, and we define our strong sense of purpose. Take some time to reflection, I will suggest meditation, write a journal, pray, or simply serve others. This will help you to find your profound source of purpose and meaning.

The idea is to increase these capacities so you can generate the competences will allow you to perform at your best. Leave a comment, let me know your thoughts.



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