About Me

Lenin Rodriguez @ Iron Man Gran Jaguar 70.3 (2021)

Hi, I’m Lenin Rodriguez (Lenin), welcome to my blog. Strategic Insights is the place where you will read a lot of the insights and tips I’ve been collecting since 2002 when I started combining my career, my workout life and all my interests. You will see my insights, my motivation, how I reduce time to support a continuous growing career, go training and definitely I would like to connect with you to share thoughts and ideas on how to improve together.

Back on those days the challenges were different, I was living with my parents, I was a full time dedicated student, teaching math to youngsters, dealing with college, friends, etc. After a huge disappointment the only exit I found was to workout and this is where everything begins. I started running 5 laps to a soccer field, it was exhausting, and now I deal with half iron man events looking forward for my first iron man, I’m dealing with my program manager career, my family (A gorgeous wife and 2 kids), and with a never ending desire to improve, always with calculated risks, and without leaving behind what matters “live and enjoy with the ones I love”.

If you are with me at this moment, this is a space for us, let’s share ideas, it’s a way to grow, and grow faster. Let’s keep ourselves motivated and together, because I’m pretty sure there are thousands like us. Welcome !