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  • How could executives perform to their full potential?

    Since several years ago I’ve had this thought: High performance for IT executives is not only brain power or cognitive capacity, is more than that. Is the ability to develop a set competences like endurance, strength, flexibility, self-control, and focus, which will allow them to develop capacities that will let them perform at their best. […]

  • Ergonomics are key for your productivity

    A few years ago, I started feeling some pains in the back, hands, shoulders and neck, to be honest I was not aware that my ergonomics were not set up properly. So as any normal guy, I started asking, reading health care blogs, and digesting a lot information that was not helping me at all. […]

  • 3 Phrases to motivate yourself!

    Mental skills are the grounding base and key elements to move forward. Every time I feel disappointed, sad, or if I’m dealing with a though situation, I always do my best to go back to my mental skill set. There are 3 phrases that have motivated me to continue combining the exciting world of working […]